Nitelife Exchange
CD Review: Alexander McCabe/Quiz
By George W. Carroll

Alto sax-man Alexander McCabe knows his "Hindemith'' theory which adheres to the fact that musical works deal with tensions between notes. These tensions can be built on three levels.  Pitch, time, and volume. McCabe and his group succeed in setting up these tensions in this their new CD project, and color their music with characterizing agents of viable and lovely tone color and texture.

And so, I ask.  Doesn't this very process constitute the whole apparatus of viable, musical expression?  Alexander and group distinguish themselves in their delivery of musical expression certainly in their attempt to elucidate the intricate system of artistic and musical feeling while maintaining the tonal laws of both interesting melody and compelling harmonies. Last, it is obvious that their imperative is to inbue their music with a major sense of pleasure, pleasure that is utterly apparent in their happy, joyous expression of their artform.  Jazz!!


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