This is Not a Pipe [2014]
The new CD from Alexander McCabe, duets with Pianist Paul Odeh. 5 new Originals and 3 classic standards!

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Soundview [2013]
Check out the recent EP of Alexander's new Group "Soundview" a western classical/jazz wind ensemble.

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"Bird's 90th Birthday Concert" [2013]
Recorded live on the 90th anniversary of the birth of Charlie Parker, McCabe joins fellow alto sax man Andrew Beals, along with guitarist John Hart, bassists Jon Burr and Darryl Johns, and drummer Steve Johns in two sets of Parker's music. This two CD set was produced by Mark Morganelli and released on the 1201 Music label.

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"Quiz" [2010]
5 new compositions from McCabe plus two Jazz standards. On Quiz, Alexander McCabe shows that for musicians with the right sensibility, the jazz tradition can point the way to fresh innovations without being arcane or forbidding. This is swinging jazz with a twist, music that anyone can enjoy. Recorded December 2009, April 2010 in NYC

Uri Caine [Piano], Ugonna Okegwo [Bass], Greg Hutchinson [Drums], Rudy Royston [Drums]

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"The Round" [2005]
For his first national album release, The Round (WAMCO Music, October 11), alto saxophonist Alexander McCabe brings his own personality and perspective to an immensely pleasing program of original compositions that exhibit not only his own considerable artistic gifts but also those of pianist-accordion player Joe Barbato, bassist Ugonna Okegwo, and drummer Steve Johns. Never falling prey to routine, McCabe's modern-minded jazz quartet has both the polish of experience and the desire to look forward on their own terms.

Joe Barbato [Piano/Accordion], Ugonna Okegwo [Bass], Steve Johns [Drums]

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"Manhattan Operations" [2001]
Duets. Alexander McCabe, on the alto saxophone and Joe Barbato on Piano. A relaxed , intimate set of music from two musicians who have been playing together since their teen age years. McCabe and Barbato work through a satisfying and spirited session consisting of some little known standards and unique original compositions. This was recorded in New York City in 2000. WAMCO 2001

Alexander McCabe [Alto Saxophone]
Joe Barbato [Piano]

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