Improvijazzation Nation
Review of "The Round"
October 2005

There is (literally) nothing more pleasant than a great jazz CD like Alexander has produced on this release... through one's ears, into the brain & right on down into th' deepest parts of th' soul, McCabe's alto sax reaches out & touches your spirit with the stuff that jazz dreams are made of! He's joined by Joe Barbato (piano/accordion), bassist Ugonna Okegwo & drummer Steve Johns - perfect quartet! All original tracks, which helps to elevate the sense of involvement the listener has with the music... 'coz listeners who are truly into jazz will always pick originals over covers (no matter how well performed, or exciting they are). This is Alexander's first national release (due out in the racks on October 11th)... & it's a "smash hit" here in th' Zzaj inner sanctum. All th' way from the beautiful lead-in track, "Floating", to the high-energy (& most innovative title track, which features Barbato's accordion), you'll find yourself on a voyage of jazz discovery that will sate even the most jaded jazz listener. This is one of the most fantastic listens I've had this year, & this CD will be in my racks for years & years to come (in the front of the stack). I give this one a seriously deserving MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


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